Workers’ Compensation Lawyer and How to Find A Good Lawyer

Across all states in the United States, each state has its laws to provide benefits to the injured worker. In each state, these benefits are known as workers’ compensation.

Since each employee works for some employer, the argument lies over the injury or the benefits themselves. Within the system, there are probable conflicts with the employee and the employer over the injuries which necessitates the defense by a workers’ compensation defense lawyer.

Attorneys who represent defense in workers’ compensation cases specialize in this type of legal representation. To serve this type of defense, the lawyer has to pass requirements, education, time, and any testing required by the state the lawyer is practicing in.

What To Look For In A Good Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

For most workers involved in a work-related injury, it is a good idea to hire a lawyer to defend your workers’ compensation claim. Without a qualified attorney, you may not receive all the benefits you are entitled.

Of course, you want a qualified lawyer to represent you. However, what distinguishes a qualified lawyer from all the others? Look at their years of experience, the expanse of their legal training and overall knowledge. These are qualities not defined in their latest television advertisement.


Workers’ compensation attorneys typically do not do a lot of advertising. Their business is built on referrals from previously satisfied clients. Also, information on the lawyer’s reputation can be found at state and local bar associations. Be safe and seek referrals from previous clients and your local and state bar associations. Don’t just depend on the validity of a local advertisement and ask for references before choosing your lawyer for your defense.

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This day and time most people look to the web for all their answers. Yes, the internet can give you a lot of information. However, what information should I be looking for on the net? Check out the lawyer’s website and see if mention any references to workers’ compensation defense. If it is a known workers’ comp lawyer, usually there will be specific workers’ comp law information for the potential client to review.

Testimonials from satisfied clients should be detailed on the lawyer’s website. Also look on their website for any information concerning their track record. Never base your choice strictly on the information on their website. However, their website presentation and information offered will give you a general idea if you want to pursue more direct knowledge from the attorney’s office.


Your attorney should provide a no-charge initial consultation. Look this as a job interview as far as your choice of lawyer to represent you is concerned. Many attorneys offer free consultations such as workers compensation attorney Valparaiso IN.

You will have a lot of questions at your consultation. Just take a notepad and beforehand go over what questions you have and go over them in your meeting. Remember, your attorney should have a lot of questions for you. Your fees, court costs, any litigation expenses, costs if your case is lost should be thoroughly answered. By the end of the consultation, your lawyer should tell you if he will accept the case and all costs fully explained in detail.