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Why Inmates Need Pen Pals.

There are many drug addicts in the world and many of them are behind bars. Moving on, there are people who are incarcerated dealing with different kinds of struggles. Being behind bars is not fun and in order to keep in touch with the society, these inmates can benefit from the support of those who are free. Given that the inmates will be spending time with some of the most notorious criminals in the world, it is hard for them to be influenced positively. With pen pals, the inmates will be provided with a chance to get positive influence from the people who are free. It is not a surprise for the inmates to be eager to ask if you can help them with money, send them gifts or even get legal help for them but this should not be what you sign up for, given that even the prison system prohibits such. The purpose of the relationship is to forge a friendship because it will be easier for them to trust you to the point where they can be encouraged by you and make a point of changing for the better.

If you are scared of communicating to an inmate by yourself, you may choose to write a group letter. If you are a church or community members, there are inmate pen pal projects you can get into and all you will have to do is write the letter and the leader will take care of the rest. It is good to know the background of the inmate you will be interacting with as well the crime they are charged for because this will have a great impact on the kind of a relationship you develop. Do not be quick to judge people though because you may never know when your kindness and help will help someone to change for the better. Stay away from inmates who are proud of the crimes they have committed because to change such a person will be a burden to you.

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Pen pal friendship turns dangerous if you get too attached to the inmate. It is not your responsibility to fix what is broken with the inmates you become pen pal friends with because they have therapists for that and you may not be emotionally built to withstand what they are going through. In the event that the relationship is moving too fast or losing bearing, inform someone who is more experienced than you are in dealing with such matters. What you should remember is that not everyone locked up in the prison is evil and some of the inmates show great remorse for their wrongs which means with proper support, encouragement and help they will end up making the wrong choice.

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