What You Need to Know About Bail Bonds

We all hope we never need to know how bail bonds work, but sometimes it happens. If you or a family member gets into trouble with the law, you will need information on what steps to take next.

What Are Bail Bonds?

In most circumstances, someone accused of a crime, also known as a defendant, is allowed to go home until their case has been heard at a trial. A judge will set bail, which is a particular amount of money the defendant must pay in order to avoid going to jail. This decision is based upon a number of factors, but mainly whether or not the judge believes the defendant will appear at trial. If the defendant is considered a flight risk, the bail may be set very high or bail could be denied. These hearings can happen at any time during the day, so it is important to be able to access 24 hour bail bonds beaver county pa.

How Do They Work?

Once bail is set, the defendant will contact a bail bonding service. The bail is to ensure that the defendant shows up for the trial, and a bail bonding company issues a bond in the amount of the bail. The defendant or his or her family will put up some form of collateral to get the bond. This can be real estate, personal property such as cars or jewelry, stocks, or anything of value. When the defendant meets the conditions of the bail, the collateral is released and the money is returned to the bail bonding company minus fees.

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What Does It Mean to Forfeit a Bond?

If the defendant violates the conditions of the bail, which often means leaving the area or not appearing for the trial, the amount of the bail is not returned. In this case, the company may hire someone to find the defendant and recover the collateral. This person is often known as a bounty hunter.

If the unthinkable happens and you need the services of a bail bonding company, it is best to be prepared.