The Necessity of Permits in New Mexico

If you live in New Mexico, there are a few different permits that you will need to have. By enforcing permits, the quality of life in New Mexico will be safe, clean, and a productive environment to live in. Permits are an important aspect that will ensure that regulatory requirements are met and upheld.

There are many different types of permits such as permits to fly, such as construction permits, title V permits, and prevention of significant deterioration or PSD permits. There are also permits for food. When you open a new food establishment, you need to obtain an annual operating permit. You will also need an annual food permit if you are running a home-based food processing operation. If you are hosting a 1-3-day event, a 4-7-day event, or an 8-30-day event you will also need to get a temporary food service permit.

If you are operating a public swimming pool, spa, or bath you will need to obtain a permit. Hazardous waste requires permits as well. The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act requires subtitle C permits and liquid waste, or septic requires a household septic tank permit and registration. Solid waste also requires permits such as landfill permits. There is also an Infectious Waste Treatment Facilities Permit. There are also Transfer Station permits that are required. There are ground water pollution prevention discharge permits for agricultural, domestic waste, and industrial purposes. Groundwater mining requires a discharge permit, surface water for dredge and fill a federal dredge-and-fill permit and surface water point source discharges require federal NPDES permits.

In new mexico permits, especially for oversized truckloads, are very necessary because they ensure that all of the necessary filing fees are collected, a plan for evaluation of application is developed, and determines whether or not a public notice is needed or not. It also determines whether or not the need for a public hearing is present and also makes it possible to accept public input. Permits make it possible to conduct an evaluation for testing and inspections and makes it possible to approve or disapprove with stated conditions. Signatures authority can be exercised, and the requester can be informed. The process of appeal of a denial and the forward for compliance monitoring can also be completed if necessary.

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Permits help protect your investment and can ensure that no mistakes are made. They’re required by New Mexico for many different applications, and it’s always best to check whether you need one or not before you begin your project. It does not take very long to obtain permit and can save you a lot of time and trouble. Permits are intended to enforce respect for the community in which you live as well as protect you. Permits also provide a record of the work that has been done and any inspections that have been completed as well. There are many different projects that require permits, and some do not. Whenever in doubt you will want to double check with your local municipality or city.