The Morelli Law Firm Works to Obtain Settlements After Construction Accidents

Construction is one of the more dangerous occupations whether the workers are building houses, commercial structures, roads, or bridges. Employees who are injured on the job are generally protected financially by workers compensation, and that insurance system does not allow the worker to file a lawsuit against the employer. Individuals who work on contract, however, may hire an attorney with an organization such as the Morelli Law Firm to negotiate a fair settlement or file an injury lawsuit.

Construction accidents have numerous causes depending on the type of job being completed. Workers on some projects have to complete their tasks far above the ground, while others deal with vehicle traffic much of the time. An award-winning lawyer who has represented construction workers on injury cases is familiar with the common causes of incidents and knows what settlement amount would be considered reasonable.


Slipping or tripping and falling is one of the most frequent reasons for injuries in construction occupations. Workers can fall from roofs, scaffolds, cranes, and other places if they are not thoroughly secured by safety equipment.

Vehicle-Related Incidents

No matter how careful road construction workers are, they face a significant risk of injury from drivers who aren’t paying close enough attention or are traveling too fast in a construction zone. Drivers may lose control of the vehicle after hitting a lane barrier or barrel, making a hazardous situation even more dangerous.

Falling Objects

Another serious hazard for construction workers is being vulnerable to objects falling from above them. Along with falls and highway collisions, this is one of the top causes of severe injuries and fatalities for people employed in this industry.

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Concluding Thoughts

Many other types of incidents happen to injure construction workers on the job. Sometimes, the accident happens because the employer did not provide adequate safety equipment. In other cases, workers were not trained sufficiently to deal with the hazards of the job.

Defective power tools and other devices can cause injury. And, sometimes, the episode was a terribly unfortunate incident that truly was just that: an accident. Injury lawyers assist people dealing with the aftermaths of these incidents.