The Consequences Involved With Skipping Bail

Know the purpose behind bail will help you to know why skipping court is such a severe violation. When you are charged with a crime and put in jail, your bail is how much of money you or your loved ones can spend to get—and keep—you free from jail until your court appearance. The individual who pays the bail will probably correspond with a bail bondsman. Your loved one pays the bail bondsman Arapahoe county Colorado a particular percentage of your bail price, then the bail bond company takes care of the full amount—under the contract that you’ll appear at every scheduled court date.

What Happens When You Skip Bail

Skipping bail—or jumping bail—is what happens when you fail to go to one of the scheduled court appearances. When you do not show for your court date, the following things can happen:

• A warrant can be made for your arrest. The police in your area will be informed that you jumped bail and you’ll be arrested if you’re pulled over for any purpose.
• Your driver’s license could get suspended. Your license will not be valid again until you go in court if this happens.

• You could be ineligible to post bail out of jail down the road.
• You will be charged with more offenses, which may include contempt of court or failure to appear in court. When you are found guilty of such charges, additional jail time and fines are included.
• The price of your bond could be raised, whether you have posted bail already or not.

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Consequences for Your Loved Ones

A friend or family member will pay for your bail in most circumstances. When you skip bail, you’re placing this person in a dangerous position. When the individual cosigned on your bail, he or she is going to need to pay the full amount for the bond—without regard for his or her financial circumstance.