The Basics of Hiring a Civil Litigator

A litigation lawyer in Singapore from IRB Law is hired by a client to defend against or pursue a civil lawsuit in court. These suits can arise in multiple legal areas, and they typically involve the recovery of property or money. Civil litigators focus on areas such as personal injury, employment law, finances, immigration, real estate and more. Read on to learn more about civil lawyers.

When to Choose a Civil Litigator

As previously mentioned, a lawsuit can be brought or faced under a variety of non-criminal legal theories. If a person believes they have been wronged, they can hire a civil litigator to assess the case’s merits. Additionally, if a person is sued, they can consult an attorney to determine the right course of action.

What Clients Can Expect

Once a client hires a lawyer, all aspects of the case are handled. A lawyer will:

  • Interview the client and other witnesses to build a case

  • Prepare for and perform depositions to be used as evidence

  • Take care of correspondence with the court and the other party’s legal team

  • File briefs, motions and other court documents

  • Serve discovery requests

  • Hire witnesses to testify on medical and technical issues relevant to the case

  • Negotiate a settlement

  • Take the case to court

It’s important to consider that the client has control over the lawsuit. However, it is wise to defer to an attorney’s judgment when legal decisions are made.

How Much do Civil Litigators Cost?

The cost of a civil lawyer varies depending on the legal area involved in the case, the lawyer’s experience, the case’s complexity and the time spent defending or pursuing the claim. The lawyer’s fee schedule plays a role as well; if the case is taken on a contingency basis, the lawyer recovers a percentage of the settlement. Alternatively, a lawyer may take a flat or hourly fee.

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Does a Client Need a Civil Litigator?

If a person needs to file a suit, it is wise to seek assistance from a civil lawyer. These attorneys can help clients work through the court system and ensure that all deadlines are met. For case-specific advice, consult a civil lawyer today.