Rules that Make Officials in China Fear Corruption

Hearing the word corruption, of course, we are very sick to hear it. How not, something that is not his right taken also. Sometimes it is crueler than killing directly. The punishment for the corrupt is appropriate with the death penalty. But maybe if that alone will not give a deterrent effect.

Some countries in the world have different ways of punishing corruptors. One example is in China. The world recognizes its success in handling and reducing corruption cases.

China’s firmness to punish Corruptors makes China a highly developed country. Even making big countries like America and European countries amazed by China’s economic progress.

How China can be so firmly punish the corruptors so as to make corrupt candidates fall out

Before Xi Jinping was elected President, China also experienced problems regarding the conduct of his officials. They are more concerned with their own interests by enriching themselves through the path of corruption. It is of course very detrimental to the state, especially for the small people whose lives are increasingly worrisome.

However, since Xi Jinping became President in the year 2013 ago. The country began to impose stricter rules for its state officials.

What are the strict rules that make Chinese officials afraid of corruption?

Here are the Rules and Punishments that Make Officials in China Fear of Corruption:

Hundreds of Corrupt Officials Sentenced to Death Without Gospel!

Since inaugurated on March 14, 2013, Chinese President Xi Jinping has fought a war against corruption. He vowed to fix the bureaucracy so that no more leakage of the budget due to the stolen servant of a corrupt moral state.

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The promise is apparently not kidding. Police have arrested Hundreds of state officials, from the lowest echelon to the highest.

The Chinese Government Will Soon Dismiss the Officials Who are Caught Lazy Working

The government will crack down on officials who are lazy at work or not competent in the field that he wrestled. So sooner or later the official must be prepared to accept the postponement of promotion or even a letter of dismissal.

Chinese Officials Should not Live in Luxury

To regulate the morale of officials, then the Chinese government set rules so that they can not live in luxury including joining a golf club.

In China, when they decide they want to be an official, that means they really are NOT SEARCH FOR WEALTH, especially because they are officials because they want to MERCY and improve their nation. But if you want to be rich and luxurious life, be an entrepreneur who can be free as life rich and rich in the treasure, please.

Officials in China should see the condition of corruptors who are in prison

The members of the Chinese Communist Party have to tour the prison to see the corrupt condition.

The purpose of this tour is for officials to know what kind of conditions they will feel if found guilty of corruption.

Of the four ways of President of China mentioned above, of course very reasonable if the corruption case in China has a very drastic decline.

Back again to the individual are officials of his country. Moral and morals are those who determine their actions.

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