Protect Your Rights As a Worker in New Jersey

Workers need to be informed of their rights in order to ensure they are being fully met in every workplace. Don’t be shy to ask for what you are owed as an employee of either a corporation or small business. Your labor is valuable.

Workers’ Compensation

If any harm befalls you while you are on the job in New Jersey, you are most likely entitled to compensation. Usually compensation is gained through a workers comp lawyer Jersey City NJ and a settlement is reached. Under New Jersey law, there are 6 types of settlements that can be approved: agreement, compromise, contingent, combination and lump sum payments. Sometimes, instead of a settlement, a commutation is agreed upon- a lump sum payment of future benefits.


The minimum wage in New Jersey is $11.00 an hour. That being said, you don’t have to settle for that rate. Workers have the right to negotiate for a higher wage, or make a claim against unfair wages. The state has also passed into law the Fair and Equal Pay Act in an attempt to eliminate sex-based and other discrimination within the workplace. It states that employees of equal skill and experience cannot be paid different amounts, no matter gender, race or sexual orientation.

Union Law

New Jersey is subject to federal union law, known as the National Labor Relations Act, which supersedes state law in most cases. However, public employees and those of companies who do not engage in interstate commerce are free to be ruled by state law. Luckily, New Jersey has a constitutional provision guaranteeing employees in the private and public sector the right to organize and bargain collectively.

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Most people spend the majority of their lives working, so why not take the time to fight for a work environment that is supportive and pleasant. Don’t forget, your bosses need you more than you need your bosses. Don’t be afraid to leverage your value as a worker to secure your rights.