Life Coaching in Business

Life coaching for businesses has been increasing in popularity over the last decade or so. It has been found to help increase workplace satisfaction, sales and employee production. A survey conducted by the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development found that coaching was being used by as many as 90 percent of organizations and over 70 percent reported keeping their commitment to it during the Great Recession. According to a study of Fortune 100, coaching helped to increase their ROI by six times its cost, increase teamwork by almost 70 percent, and job improvement by over 60 percent.

Another reason that life coaching is gaining popularity for businesses is that it has gone from being about a simple fix to helping form better leadership. What life coaches mainly do for their clients is to help them to explore their options and figure out which is best for them. In doing so, they help to create a better sense of leadership, satisfaction and production all in one.

Life coaches can also be helpful in more than one way. Aside from helping their clients overcome hurdles, they can also help them practice their interviewing skills, product experimentation and prototype testing. One of the most important things that they do is to teach clients that it is important to have doubts and be okay with being wrong. After all, business people whose vision is to simply keep at the top is eventually going to falter and probably lose the business. Success in business, like any other aspect in life, is about trial and error. Trial and error, by its own definition, is going to lead to some failures.

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One particular advantage to being a life coach in the digital age is that they no longer have to travel to have sessions with their clients. Hence, they offer a shortcut from all of the Google searching and Facebook distractions. Hence, businesses can now hold themselves accountable for their quality no matter what. Entrepreneurs and business managers need guidance almost in the way that an athlete needs a coach. Business life coaches are trained to be very familiar with what it takes to succeed in a business. They help cut down the time it takes to master new skills, understand where the industry is going, etc. Executive coach Boston MA get in touch with many of their clients in this way.

Life coaches are also aware of how easy it is to let ourselves get distracted and overwhelmed by negative thoughts. Many business executives have said that hiring a life coach has helped them to realize this and to get back to focusing on their vision for their business goals. Within the last couple of decades, hiring a life coach has risen from stigma to being an important investment for the company’s future.

One advantage for businesses in hiring a life coach now is that there are many out there looking for work. Hence, finding candidates is not usually much of an issue. However, what is important is picking someone who is certified and right for the business. It’s a little like hiring an employee.