Immigration Law

An attorney has the experience and the knowledge to make sure that all the immigration forms are filled out correctly and will help a person stay in the country legally. When a person is having trouble with their immigration status or questions about immigration they should not hesitate to contact immigration attorneys salem or.

If a person is found to be in the United States with no documentation or without a valid visa or green card they may be deported. What many people do not know is that deportation is a long process and will not happen overnight. There are several steps that need to be taken before a person can be sent back to their country of origin. An immigration lawyer can help a person in this process. They may be able to help a person achieve legal status in the United States or depending on their situation they may allow a person to seek asylum. If a person or their family member is facing deportation they need to contact an immigration lawyer right away.


If a person from a foreign country comes to the United States and decides that they want to move here permanently they need to apply for naturalization. There is a great deal of paperwork that goes into this and an immigration lawyer can help. A person will need to show that they were living in the United States legally for a specified time and they are of good moral character. If a person does not fill out this application correctly they may be denied. An immigration lawyer knows the ins and outs of this process and help a person with their application and make sure it is filled out properly.

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Student and Work Visas 

People from other countries are often permitted to come to the United States to study or to work. Their visas will only be valid for a specific period. If the visa is set to expire an immigration lawyer can help, make sure the renewal process is smooth and that a person will not lose their job or their academic status in the process.

Additional Help 

If a person does not read and understand English that well they are going to need help filling out specific forms. If the forms are filled out incorrectly a person may be denied their stay in the United States. Others may not be sure of the exact forms they need to fill out or how to submit them. The immigration lawyer can help with all these tasks. They know and understand the legal paperwork that is associated with all aspects of immigration. There are some law firms that are bilingual and can work with people that do not speak English. This way they can understand the entire process and know their states. If a person has issues involving immigration it is essential that they contact an immigration lawyer. If one mistake is made a person may need to leave the United States and may issues with reentry.