How to Break Free from Domestic Abuse

Domestic violence has been a big problem in America. It affects everyone regardless of race, religion, sex, age, rich or poor. Domestic abuse can be a stressful time for everyone involved. For people that experienced domestic violence in Houston or any part of America, abuse can be very painful. Unfortunately, Violence among American families is very common. Women let their partners do what they want while men think their partners are just any other things they possess that can be discarded easily. The feeling of entrapment makes the victim of domestic violence feels helpless. But there are ways to help victims escape this nightmare. Not only an escape but full recovery from the trauma of domestic violence. According to studies, almost 114 women in Texas alone are killed due to family violence in 2012, and it is increasing every year. Domestic abuse not only affects women but also men and most especially their children.

Children are affected the most when there is domestic violence in the house.

Unfortunately, children witness domestic violence in the family all the time, and it affects their future. The consequences can be very deep. Children can change personality, mood and even their outlook on life. Boys who experienced these kinds of abuses can grow up becoming abusers themselves. Girls will tend to be more lenient when it comes to violence when it’s time for them to have their own romantic relationships. To break the cycle of abuse, children who experienced this kind of situation should be removed from the house as soon as possible. If reported, authorities can ask child services to find a suitable home for the kids if the issue between parents is not resolved. This can be very painful not only for the parents but also for the kids. Unreported violence in the home is one reason why children’s path sometimes leads to crimes. In America, 90% of crimes come from people who experienced broken family and domestic abuse in their childhood. The government can solve most crimes if they focus on the root of the problem, family problems. Financial stability is also a big factor when it comes to domestic abuse. 80% of domestic violence comes from poverty-stricken communities. As poverty rises, food and basic necessities are harder to get for families below the poverty line. These families tend to find ways to divert their attention by engaging in drugs and alcohol. Drug use and alcoholism will eventually lead to domestic violence. So to solve this growing problem, we have to address not only the problem between partners but also the economy. Because at the end of the day, whether we like it or not, money can sometimes solve any kind of dispute.

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Abuse sometimes don’t have a sign

People think that domestic abuse only covers physical violence, in fact, bruises from physical abuse will heal but the emotional trauma that people involved will get is much worse, it will have a lasting impression and can change people’s outlook in life. Emotional and verbal abuse start small. A simple shout can be tagged as abuse in today’s standards. Shouts will eventually increase over time until there comes a time that the abuser will have total control over their partner’s lives. Some telltale signs of abuse according to MedMD includes: putting down other people, belittling, mocking, and making other people feel that they are worthless. These small things will eventually grow into threatening or destruction of property. Intimidation is a big factor why victims don’t report these acts of violence. To escape this kind of violence, victims should prepare emergency items such as cash, clothing and important documents stored in a safe place. Victims should also memorize phone numbers of abuse shelters as well as police stations in case of emergency. Any small physical altercation that will result in injuries should always be reported to the proper authorities for legal and safety purposes

Lawyers can help

It is not easy to escape domestic abuse physically, mentally and emotionally on your own. Escaping a toxic relationship is like going to war. You may escape unscathed, but the trauma will remain forever. Aside from psychologists, you have to seek legal help. A good family law attorney is one step towards a full recovery. Family and friends are a big help, but there is no harm in covering all bases, and that includes the legal aspect of domestic abuse.

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