How Can You Avoid Burns in Laser Hair Removal?

You may know of a case of a client who has gone to a hair removal centre to get laser hair removal and ended up with post-treatment skin lesions. So, how can you avoid burns in laser hair removal? And if you do suffer burns from laser hair removal, can you claim compensation?

The basic reason that this can happen is due to the legislation on hair removal centres. Because there is no law that regulates the need for a degree in medicine to be in charge of using devices as complex as a laser.

In some cases, it is recommended that a doctor be the person in charge of its use, but at no time is this obligatory by law. A laser is not a toy that can be used by a person without the correct qualification.

Unfortunately, most cities nowadays are full of waxing centres whose services are not controlled or regulated, and without the necessary safety guarantees regarding the treatments administered.

What can happen when a client goes to a sub-par laser hair removal centre?

Well, negligence can occur. There are many cases of people who have suffered first-degree burns on their skin, due to an excess of laser exposure to the skin. Doctors prefer to avoid the word ‘burn’ because it is due to an energy that is deposited in milliseconds and not a burn as we are used to understanding it.

But not only can a person suffer negligence of this type, but also negligence when it comes to achieving results; lack of efficacy and effects called paradoxical rebound (not eliminating the hair but increasing it) in the treated area.

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The modus operandi of typical centres that commit this type of negligence is to blame the client; their skin type, etc., but obviously it is rarely their fault.

There should always be a doctor in charge of giving the approval at the beginning of this service, before the application of the laser to a client, and also responsible for the follow-up and control during the entire treatment of laser hair removal.

It is also the doctor who should assess initially if the skin tonality is suitable for such treatment, the intensity parameters to be used according to photo-type are adequate, and follow the evolution of the skin once treated, for a safe session and consequently a safe and effective and beneficial laser hair removal treatment.

Choosing the right aesthetic clinic reduces risks

By means of appropriate medical control as part of the process, it is possible to reduce by 90% both the possibility of post-treatment injuries and the rebound or lack of efficacy effect.

With suitable medical control, the right technology, and well qualified and trained health personnel, medical aesthetic clinics can offer an effective and safe service to clients.

Legal action in cases of negligence

In bad cases of negligence, the client will suffer long-term consequences, discomfort after treatment, and the skin might be injured for several months or even leave permanent marks or scarring.

This is why it is only right that you seek legal advice from an expert in laser hair removal burns so you can establish if you have a valid case for claiming damages from the aesthetic centre responsible for the negligence.

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