How a Person is Selected for Jury Duty in Los Angeles

The jury selection Los Angeles CA is a two-step process. A LA resident does not have a choice whether they want to serve on a jury. It is the law that their names are added to a jury pool via the state’s department of motor vehicles (DMV) and Registrar of Voters (ROV). In addition, meet qualifications such as being a U.S. citizen, resident of Los Angeles County and at least 18 years old.

The Step in the Los Angeles County Jury Process is Getting Summoned

The first part of the jury selection is getting picked out of the jury pool. This occurs randomly. A name is picked, then placed on a juror summons list. A juror summons is issued by the court process requiring the resident to be at the courthouse as direct and be available for jury duty. The summons is sent to the person in letter form. A person can be excused from jury duty. However, it is granted for only the most serious reasons.

The Second Step is Getting on a Jury

The second part of a jury selection process does not happen for everyone. Potential jurors become part of a jury pool. The jury pool is brought before a judge. The judge explains to them how jury service works. After the judge instructs the jury, the voir dire process starts.

A voir dire is the process of eliminating jurors from the jury pool until they have enough jurors to try a case. The voir dire can occur in two ways. First, the presiding judge asks the jury pool questions. This means every potential jury is present during the questioning. In some cases, the jury pool is told to leave. A judge or the lawyers over the case asks each juror a series of questions. According to the answers, a juror dismissed or approved to be a jury member. The purpose of the voir dire is to eliminate the jurors who are bias or not answer the questions to have an open minded.

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During the voir dire process, lawyers can have them kicked off the jury. They must request the elimination of a juror via a challenge for cause. The reason for the challenge may not be fair or impartial. Depending on the case, the lawyers can have an unlimited number of challenge for cause objections they can use. Also, each lawyer receives two opportunities to dismiss a juror without reason.

The Los Angeles Process for Selecting Jurors

The process of selecting a jury is a civic duty. This means there is no saying no. Sometimes a juror may miss the jury duty. In some instances, they have no idea they were selected for jury duty. Any time a person doesn’t show for jury duty they are in contempt of court. The penalty for contempt of court ranges from a fine to possible time in county jail. If someone has missed jury duty and in contempt of court, they should contact an attorney immediately.