Getting New Wiring at Our New Home

When my wife and I got married, we started out living together as husband and wife in my condo. It was bigger and closer to where we both worked, so it just made sense. We knew we were not going to live there for long though. We had picked out a patch of land that consisted of several acres. There was nothing there other than trees and weeds, so I knew that we would need an architect, a builder, and a level 2 electrician in Wollongong along with other professionals to help us get our dream house built as quickly as possible.

Picking out the plans was easy enough. We both like the same type of house, and I basically let her just design what she wanted. I knew that I would like it, and I was right. I also wanted to hire a specific level 2 electrician because I wanted to ensure that all of the electricity was going to be wired correctly. I had never used this electrician before, but his company is the one that got my brother and his wife set up in their new home. He came highly recommended by my brother, and that was all I needed to want the same company doing my own electric.

They were able to advise on different things, such as overhead versus underground wiring, and they gave us a quote that beat even our own estimate of what they would charge us. The work was done quickly, and they had the power on in our new home in no time. I found this pretty amazing considering we built on the backside of the acreage, so they had to go a pretty long distance to even hook into any other lines. I guess that is why they are the best and came so highly recommended!

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