Four Tips to Follow When You’re Involved in An Accident

If you’ve been injured in an accident, you must look after your health first. Your injuries require medical attention, and everything else can wait. It’s a confusing time, and many people find they are unsure what to do when an accident occurs. To avoid being like many accident victims, start by staying calm and following the proper instructions. Your future might depend on how you move forward in the moments following an accident. If you’re involved in an accident, it’s imperative you call the police. If you can safely move off the road, you can do that while you wait for the police to arrive at the scene of your accident. This call allows an emergency operator to dispatch police and emergency responders to the scene to help you with your medical issues as well as filing an accident report. While an accident report can be challenged by the at-fault driver, it’s evidence that can help you prove you were not at fault.

Gather Evidence

If you are well enough to take photos or have someone else take them for you, it’s helpful to have accident photos. These can help you if the other driver makes the decision to deny fault, and it can help your attorney prove you were not to blame. Accident photos are easily used as evidence in a lawsuit, and you never know if you’ll need them. If you’re not able to take photos of the accident, do not let this worry you. It’s helpful, but it’s not required if you do decide your financial situation requires a lawsuit. Do not walk away from an accident without seeing a doctor. Even if no visible injuries are apparent, there are numerous internal injuries you might suffer from without any warning or indication right away. These injuries are often masked by the shock you feel following an accident, and they can take days or weeks to manifest. See your doctor right away.

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Call A Personal Injury Attorney

Personal injury attorneys Salem OR law firms employ know how to help accident victims in every capacity. Whether you have questions about insurance paperwork you’re being asked to sign, or you simply want to ask someone to help you determine whether a personal injury lawsuit is your best option, an attorney can answer your questions and guide you in the right direction. Attorneys are not just for those who want to file a lawsuit.

Filing a personal injury lawsuit is a personal decision, and it’s one you might consider if you’re seriously injured. If you are out of work, you cannot return to work, or you have expensive medical bills to pay, you might need to file a personal injury lawsuit to seek damages. From lost wages to medical bills to a lifestyle change you cannot afford to make because of your injuries, your attorney can help you determine how to proceed. Financial problems resulting from your injuries are not your fault, and you have the legal right to seek damages if someone else is to blame.