Finding A Good Solicitor for Your Personal Injury Claim

Whether you want to hire an attorney to handle your personal injury claim or you want them to guide you on your injury case (preparing for arbitration or small-claims court), you do not want to hire just any kind of lawyer. You want to hire someone who is experienced in handling personal injury cases, not only that, you want someone who you are comfortable with.

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Finding the right experienced attorney

Law practice, in general, has become more specialized, and a lot of legal counsel knows less about laws in regards to personal injury cases than you will after reading some books and journal. So, the first task clients need to do is to do an experienced attorney who specializes in personal injury cases and represents them (known as claimants or plaintiffs) in front of the judge.

You don’t want to be represented by a lawyer who specializes in insurance frauds, even if they have ten years of experience. Lawyers like them are too accustomed to taking cases in regards to insurance frauds, and they may have little to no idea on how to win a personal injury case.

There are a lot of ways on how to find a competent and experienced personal injury legal counsel. The best way to find them is through comparison-shopping. Get the name of the lawyers near you, set an appointment and discuss your case with them before you decide who to hire.

For example, if you are looking for personal injury solicitors in Dublin, you need to make a list of all Dublin lawyers specializing in this type of case and make appointments with them. You don’t want to hire someone who is miles away from your area or does not practice in your state or city.

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The legal counsel might not want to handle your case

Finding the right lawyer that you want to hire is one thing, but the legal counsel also has to want your personal injury case. Some lawyers have reasons for not wanting to handle your situation or not wanting you as their client. Most lawyers work depending on the contingency fee basis.

The arrangement means the attorney’s fee is a percentage of what you will receive in compensation. If the amount that you will receive is small, most, if not all, lawyers will not take the case. That is because an attorney’s overhead cost is too high to make a small claim case worthwhile.

But, even if your claim is too small to have an attorney to handle your situation, it can still be possible to hire a legal counsel on an hourly basis to give your algal advice on certain parts of your claim. Even if the injuries are severe and there is a big chance that you will get a significant compensation, a personal injury lawyer can still decline your case if there is a small chance of winning the case.

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It might be because you are responsible for the accident, might be because it is very difficult to prove that the other party was at fault or because the responsible party has less insurance coverage, or worse, no insurance coverage at all. And finally, an attorney might refuse to take the case even if it is a perfectly good one for the same reason that you do not want to hire a competent attorney, you are not comfortable working with each other.

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If a legal counsel thinks that you will be in more trouble than what your case is worth, or if your personality and the attorney’s clash the moment you entered their office, they may simply decide that taking the situation is just not worth it.

Acquaintances and friends

Contact family, friends, neighbors or co-workers who have hired a good lawyer in their injury claims. If the family, friends, neighbors or co-workers says good things about a particular lawyer and their experience working with them, put them on your list of attorneys with whom to schedule an initial consultation.

But don’t make decisions about a legal counsel solely based on people’s recommendations. Every people have their own responses to a legal counsel’s personality and style. Not only that, at any particular time, an attorney may have less or more interest or energy to devote to a new case.

That is why it is not wise to make up your mind when it comes to hiring lawyers until you have met them, discussed your claim or case and decide whether you are comfortable working with them or not.