Consulting with a Car Accident Lawyer

The moments following an automobile accident are going to have a big impact on how much of a potential settlement offer you might be awarded. Never admit to guilt or agree to work on the side with the other driver, get to the hospital and call a local Alabama personal injury attorney immediately. This is how the car accident lawyer Birmingham AL professionals can help secure the highest possible cash settlement in your accident case.

Gathering of Critical Accident Evidence

The only way you can convince a jury that you are entitled to a large cash settlement is by providing evidence to support your case. If you are laid up in a hospital for days getting medical attention, you have no ability to get back to the scene to collect any sort of evidence. The second you reach out to an Alabama personal injury, they will rush their own investigative team to the scene where they will preserve the evidence. It doesn’t matter if it is hours or days, these experts have the experience to document the scene in a way that paints a clear picture for the courts what happened that day. The accident investigative team will locate and speak with any witnesses, will take important measurements, videotape the area, and take plenty of pictures.

Meeting with Expert Physicians

The minute your family doctor has released you from the hospital, your Birmingham attorney will have you meeting with a number of expert physicians who specialize in the injuries you sustained. You will be diagnosed, you will be treated, and you’ll be put on a physical therapy program to help ease your pain. Your attorney will be consulting with these medical professionals the entire time and document their findings in a video testimony. These medical professionals will also appear in court if needed to provide expert testimony that supports their claims.

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Determining the Value of Your Injuries

Determining how much your injuries are worth takes a skilled attorney with years’ experience in this field. Your lawyer needs to analyze the evidence, the testimony of the doctors, and so much more. Your attorney needs to put a price on your inability to get work in the future, the financial burden of those injuries, your pain and suffering, and the negative impact this injuries can have on your family well into your later years.

Your accident attorney will present the settlement offer to the insurance company attorney in a way that clearly shows you are entitled to every penny, and also shows you are willing to go through a lengthy and costly trial to receive full compensation.

You will discover during the free initial consultation with your attorney that a lot goes into preparing your accident case in a way that will force the responsible party to compensate you for your injuries. This accident might negatively impact you the rest of your life, speak with a lawyer today to protect you and your family’s financial future.