Bringing The Outdoors To Indoor Living Space

When someone enjoys spending time camping outdoors, they may miss the even when weather is not cooperative. Bringing the camping experience to the interior of a home is an option. Here are some ideas to try when the desire to camp often is present.

Decorate A Room To Mimic The Outside

A room can be designated to host camping excursions whenever someone wishes. This room should be decorated to appear like the outdoors for the best experience possible. Several potted plants can be positioned around the room to give it a blast of greenery. Bundles of firewood and large rocks can also be placed strategically around the perimeter of the space. Forest Wallpaper can even be applied to walls to give the room a complete outdoor feel.

Set Up An Area For Sleeping Quarters

Purchase a pop-up tent to be placed inside of the designated room. This can be secured to the floor with aid from double-sided tape so it remains in place. Placing the tent in a corner of the room is a wonderful idea as the walls will help it remain upright. The view of the rest of the room will also be able to be enjoyed from the doorway of the tent. If a wall is decorated with forest wallpaper or mural, face the doorway of the tent in its direction.

Enjoy Camping Activities In A Safe Location

Traditional camping foods can be purchased to keep on hand when someone wishes to engage in a camping experience. Purchase hot dogs, beans, and ingredients to make delicious s’mores. Simply heat up foods in the kitchen and bring them into the designated room to enjoy. Ghost stories can be shared, songs can be sung by the illumination of a lantern, and relaxing in a safe retreat can be enjoyed without the worry of wild animals, pesky insects, or poison ivy.

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To get started in creating a personal indoor camping space, contact a service that provides exquisite scenic wallpaper or murals to adorn the walls of a room. Forest wallpaper will aid in making the area feel as if it is a true outdoor area, helping to capture the mood of the camping activity.