Are You a Victim of Beauty Injuries? Here’s What You Can Do

There are many horror stories about beauty treatments gone wrong. There is no shortage of tales about burned hair or skin, allergic rashes, and permanent scars. Finding a stylist or technician that does it right is a blessing. Those who are skilled are guarded secrets (as secret as a group of friends can make it). But why is it like this? Why are people so fond of having a regular hairdresser, stylist, or technician? It is more than just routine, as having a regular represents constancy, safety, and even a guarantee of a good job.

The fact of the matter is that it is hard to find people who will take care of beauty needs as seriously as you would. There are many salons that cut corners or are downright unprofessional. These are what those horror stories are made of – salons or technicians that get away with doing a bad job.

What are beauty injuries?

Beauty injuries are considered personal injury cases since the harm directly affects your person and your physical and emotional wellbeing. These injuries are diverse. They can occur in waxing, facial, body, and laser treatments. They can occur during your monthly perm or straightening treatment or during your first time colouring or bleaching your hair. It isn’t about you not being the right person; it has more to do with their lack of skill and technique.

Most chemical treatment injuries that occur when changing the colour or shape of your hair are damaged hair and hair follicles, brittle strands, discolouration, rashes or burns on your scalp. Waxing and laser treatments gone wrong may lead to rashes or burns. Even something as simple as tinting your eyebrow hair, when done wrong, can lead to severe allergic reactions.

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What can you do?

You can always try to address the issue yourself. Talk to your technician and the manager of the shop before doing anything too drastic. Take photos of the damage and show your receipt as proof. As a business, they will always look after their own interests first. If you and the business find a satisfactory conclusion, then that’s all well and good.

However, if they insist that they did nothing wrong – look for extra help.

Who can you turn to?

You can turn to lawyers that specialise in personal injury cases. Find one that has previous experience with cases that are similar to yours. Make a claim and forward any evidence you have on hand: photos, receipts, and even text messages sent when you tried to fix your problem. They might ask you to have further tests done with a dermatologist or any other kind of specialist that can provide insight into your injury before they go forward with your case. Companies like are there to ensure that you are properly compensated for the inconvenience of a botched job.

When you are seeking compensation, you are making sure that they know the consequence of their actions. This helps prevent other similar injuries from happening to other people. There should be no more fear when it comes to beauty treatments.