7 tips to avoid getting sick at work

We all know that we have no control over when or where we get ill, of course we would all rather be healthy all the time, but our immune system can only do so much. If you work in a confined space with other people, then the possibility of catching a virus is almost doubled. Avoiding getting sick isn’t so easy especially when you’re surrounded by colleagues with germs. Thant being said, it is possible to reduce the likelihood of getting ill by taking a few precautions.


The first thing to remember is to wash your hands at every opportunity you get, cold preventions start with something as simply as washing your hands. Throughout the day you’ll be in contact with germs from buttons, doorknobs, keyboards and more and by washing your hands you can avoid spreading illness to yourself and others.


If you are unable to make sure that you are washing your hands regularly then you need to make sure that you avoid touching your face often. Germs that causes illness like the flu are likely to spread through droplets that for when people talk, cough or sneeze. These droplets can travel into your mouth or nose and down to your lungs and as if to make matters worse flu viruses are known to be able to last for up to 8 hours on surfaces so if you touch common surfaces you should avoid touching yourself to reduce the risk of catching something.


There seems to be a certain stigma involved with taking sick days in the work place, this can be down to different things, but the fact is that if you know that you are unwell then you shouldn’t come to work to run the risk of infecting other people.

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Flu shots are available pretty much in every corner and there’s a reason for that, it is the single best way to prevent getting a flu. It is suggested that you get a yearly flu shot that’s always available as early as August just in time for the flu season in February. And to top it all up this is free is you have insurance.

Alternative workspace

If there’s a virus going around the office or you have a co-worker coughing up a lung next to you then if possible you can inquire about moving your work station for a while. At the very least you can avoid using shared devices to avoid catching something.


Finally, you should always wipe down surfaces with disinfectant in and around the office before using. This includes door handles, coffee pots, microwave handles, phones and more. Study shows that most germs in any office will be found in the breakroom, so it is best to avoid these places even if it means you’ll that one person that has lunch on their own at least just for this period. Check out The Claims Partnership for more tips on your health and safety at work.