3 of the Strangest Criminal Defenses Ever Recorded

History is filled with crazy criminals and the bizarre crimes they committed, but have you ever heard about truly unusual criminal defenses used by attorneys that really worked? Even your lawyers in Columbia MD have probably not heard about these three criminal defense cases because they are some of the strangest ever recorded.

It Was the Twinkies

Two men were murdered by a third man in 1978. The defendant was sentenced to death, and even though his attorneys argued he was mentally incapacitated, the court refused to agree. For the last days of his incarceration, the defendant would only eat Twinkies. His attorneys argued the junk food was showing he was not mentally sound. The judge agreed and his sentence was transmuted to 8 years in prison for manslaughter.

It Was the Money

In 2016, a young drunk man plowed his car into a crowd and killed four people. His attorney argued the young man was not responsible because he had been raised as a spoiled, affluent child in a world of privilege – with affluenza. Although the condition was not recognized medically, the wealthy young man got off with a two-year sentence.

It Can Take Two

Identical twins confused the courts in 2009 when one of them was arrested for trafficking in drugs. Although the defendant had been caught in the act and would have been given a hanging death sentence if found guilty, since both of the twins claimed to be the perpetrator, the courts could not find them both responsible. Even the DNA from the scene did not help since the defendants were identical. There was no option but to set them both free.

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The above cases may be strange, but they are also true. If you are like most people, you cannot help but wonder what bizarre defenses attorneys will come up with in the future.